And we're not just saying that.

All Meadowmont homes are designed and constructed to meet higher standards of energy efficiency and a healthy indoor environment. The standards are very similar to those adopted by the American Lung Association's healthy house project, and will qualify the home for EPA Energy Star certification.

They form the basis for a construction administration program conducted by Environmental Quality Control, a Chapel Hill company that has been applying this technology in Triangle homes for over 15 years.

Through more effective moisture control, filtration and reliable ventilation, homes will maintain more consistent temperature and humidity levels.

Protect your health. Particularly if you have family members with sensitive immune systems — such as children or the elderly-living in your home. The key is better filtration, ventilation, and moisture control, all of which add up to cleaner air.

Consistent comfort. Indoor temperature and humidity will be less affected when the weather changes outside. Our quality control inspections ensure each home is very carefully insulated, with additional caulking to prevent infiltration, and that the HVAC system provides proper airflow to every room.

Slash your heating and cooling bills by 30 to 50 percent. Our experience over the last several years shows the average monthly heating and cooling cost per square foot is around 2 cents. Heating and cooling a 3,000 square foot home each month has averaged around $60.

An HVAC system will be designed specifically for your home after computer tabulations determine it's heating, cooling, and air flow requirements. During construction, Environmental Quality Control will perform at least 5 inspections to ensure your home will meet the standards that make it a "healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient" home.

Finally, a third party, Advanced Energy Corporation, will perform testing to certify that the quality control program meets the standards. This program, rare in even the most expensive homes, will be part of every home built in Meadowmont. You'll be comfortable wherever you go.

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