We're not razing our land, leaving it to look like a gigantic parking lot. We've created a community reminiscent of old Chapel Hill, with low stone walls, graceful trees and beautiful homes. At Meadowmont, you get the whole package.

Part of the beauty of moving to Chapel Hill is the rolling landscape of the Piedmont region of North Carolina. With views atop Summit Park and the Hilltop Condominiums and the beautiful wooded estate homes located along Meadowmont Lane, each resident has every opportunity to soak in the serenity and breathtaking beauty.

How is the open space at Meadowmont different from other neighborhoods? We are going out of our way to ensure you love where you live — both inside your home and outside in the neighborhood.

Large ponds dot Meadowmont's property. Grass is neatly trimmed to encourage residents to enjoy the solitude and serenity water elements provide.

At Meadowmont, we look at trees as assets, not obstacles. Meadowmont will plant over 2000 street trees alone, then each builder will plant at least one tree in front of each home — creating the tree-lined street everyone loves.

Enjoy several neighborhood parks — with paths, benches, grass, fountains and natural stone brought in from Chatham County and Chapel Hill. You'll find the variety refreshing. For example, the Summit Park Row Houses feature two more formal parks, while the park by the Cottage Homes will sport slides and swings for the kids.

Don't forget the Chapel Hill Greenway with paths running along both sides of Highway 54, and then running throughout the neighborhood up to the Town Park. An underground pedestrian tunnel beneath Highway 54 encourages residents to use both sides safely without worrying about traffic.

Play ball! This 70-acre town park next to the elementary school site will host two soccer fields in addition to hiking and biking trails.

While landscaping the green space, Meadowmont is employing a "Xeriscape" technique. Simply put, we're using plants native to North Carolina that don't demand large quantities of water, fertilizer and pesticides. The end result? Beautiful landscaping that thrives each year, without draining town and homeowner resources.

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