Meadowmont is one of the first neighborhoods in North Carolina to provide a secure intranet for the exclusive use of residents. Want to know what's going on at the Meadowmont Club, the Wellness Center or the Village Center? Click on Calendars to check out the events and to RSVP for activities. Need a babysitter for Saturday? Use the message board to find out who's available. Interested in contacting the new neighbors down the street so you can welcome them to the neighborhood? Click on Directories.

Out of town for the July 4th celebration? Check the Slide Shows to see who was there. These and many other features are included.

As one resident said, "It's easy to use. I don't even like computers that much but I like to sign on to the Intranet because it deals with issues and activities that are close to home."

Click here to log in as a guest to the Meadowmont Intranet.

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